With the announcement of the release date for Helms Deep we feel this is the perfect time to consider expanding our ranks a little in anticipation of the fun to come.

Under new leadership, Breath of Freedom has an active cast of members from all across the globe spanning multiple time-zones, the busiest hours being EU. Our player base tends to consist of mature members in terms of both years and gaming experience, with the kind of laid back attitude that comes with both of these elements. We encourage a family friendly atmosphere within our kinship channels and forum. Both in-game chat and Teamspeak are often used for many hours of fun and entertainment.

Each day of the week you will find dungeon grouping at both lower and higher levels, PVMP action with other likeminded souls on the server for those that enjoy it, festival activities if current and many members questing and deeding both in groups and solo. Old and newer content is run and enjoyed by all, be it simply for fun and to revisit old places, or for fun because we all like nice shinies sometimes.

We have experienced and capable raiders and also new and upcoming members learning the ropes in anticipation of endgame raiding, we have casual players who enjoy an element of roleplaying and pvmp'ers who love to haunt the moors.

If you feel you might like to chat with one of our officers about joining in with us then please drop any of us a line or a message in game.

Rhianon and the Officer team