My main character is a level 85 Warden, and until recently, this thought never really crossed my mind. Recently however, I had been in situations where my character's Spear was disarmed and lost his voice due to one of the creatures skills. granted they didn't last long but I was only able to use my shield for quite some time (as melee time goes anyway). so my proposal is this . . . there are 2 possible solutions;

1. 2 new gambits, since they should be quick gambits they ideally should only be a 2-gambit skill, however that poses a problem as most of the combinations of 2-gambit skills are either already in use or would not be possible without either of the gambits missing. and to go to a 3-gambit skill, would be difficult but not impossible. my suggestions are as follows, Shield-Spear-Spear gambit would recover your voice, and a Shield-Shout-Shout gambit would recover your melee weapon.

2. The second thought, literally came to me as I was writing the earlier parts of this post, it occurred to me that I personally rarely ever (if ever) use the recovery and quick recovery skills (if I screw up a gambit, I would just set it off and start over). I'm not sure about any other players who play wardens, if they do the same. So then the other possibility I see would be to alter those 2 skills to a recovery of weapon or voice.