Recent Downtime Compensation Completed

Hello, everyone! We are writing to let people know that we have completed our work to extend active VIP subscription time by two days, and distributed 250 Turbine Points to Lifetime accounts, as our way to thank people for their patience during technical issues that took place in early September. We thank you for playing LOTRO, and we’ll see you in-game!

In response to the above post by Cordovan in regards to the September Log-In issues as well as down-time, I applaud that some re-compensation has been given; however, as a Premium Player that has purchased every expansion and every available map in the game and spent well over 20,000 turbine points on various parts of the game both game-related as well as cosmetically for Nine Toons and every Pre-Purchase release of the game since Rise Of Isengard I think that premium players need a little love too!

Sure I could spend $15 dollars a month for 500 tp, access to the Moars, quick-travel, etc.; but I've bought numerous in-store game cards when they used to be sold at major retailers, as well as more recently using the Lotro Store to purchase them directly. Just because I don't spend that $15 a month doesn't mean I haven't supported this game and continue to support it.

Without the premium players out there, the VIP players most likely wouldn't even have a game to support as most of the monetary compensation coming in to Turbine/WB is from the premium player base not the subscribers, let alone some guy that bought a pre-purchase of the game back when it first came out and is now considered a lifer because of this and is constantly rewarded with free tp or other perks.