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None of your hunters would put out the dps a well built and well played hunter who used the "go-to" Huntsman (blue) trait-line with, probably, 2 Bowmaster (red) traits added in for the 2 trait-line set bonus.
Despite being mostly a blue line hunter, I have somewhat managed to reach my 5b Imp. Fleetness DPS while traiting 4r3b, In fact both 5b Imp. Fleetness and 4r3b builds are very solid in term of DPS, but 5b build requires certain armour set bonus (which may disappear from next new end game armour set - the sole reason I switches to 4r3b during early RoR) to be efficient as 4r3b.

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With a main as a guard I never liked the damage dealers coming in with big crits early in a fight - "target" lighting up with heartseekers, cool burn and improved focus.
Real ######s like me starts with buffing, Imp. Focus, Blood Arrow and 3-5 Pen Shots.

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Hunter just isn't diverse enough to have any significant benefits to multiple LIs. not like all the other classes where you want 3 full sets of LIs. hunters still will be easy mode in that capacity.
Actually having multiple LIs still give significant advance for even a hunter. A melee buffer with all reduce CD kind of legacies, a CC/buffing xbow with Burn Hot legacy and those benefit Distracting Shot, and another set of LIs for survival for example. Actually with current systerm, I myself am aiming at 7 regular LIs + bridle for maxing everything (but those LIs are so expensive to make..).