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    HD Pre-Orders...


    Anyone pre-ordering?
    I am rather undecided so curious what other pvp'rs are doing....

    Good Hunting,

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    Checking HD out, but most likely gonna buy with TP.

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    I am really only planning to creep. so I am 90% sure I won't pre order.
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    Would be a waste of money for me considering I barely have time to creep. Nah, I'll invest that 40$ in new eyelashes and nails more likely. :3

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    No pre-order here. I learned my lesson last time when I pre-ordered and they released a super buggy product. Nothing like paying money for something that doesn't work as advertised.
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    I would if the connection at my apartment wasn't like 200 kbps lol. Downloading patches to this game takes way too long with that speed. I'm also poor and technically an indentured servant to my university now, so no time for mmo's .
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