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    me and a friend duo as a rune-keeper

    with my high DPS i can aggro a lot of mobs my way and keep them off of my friend and then my friend can heal me when things get rough turning my hunter into a semi-tank. We have taken out some big guys and mobs on our way, and if trained right the RK criticals can almost match my high DPS at times.

    I just laugh though when my friend uses his lightening attack right after i kill the mob, thus wasting it, pretty much 90% of the time it happens.
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    I've a 85 Hunter and the best classes with me in duo are either Captain or Ministrel.
    3-man instances are doable with these classes in duo for example (although they are easy in solo for most of others classes )
    But Warden/Champ + Hunter can be good also, as they can tank everything.

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    I have some relevant personal experience having been in a levelling duo with a kinmate who played Hunter to my Mini

    This is a really nice combo and 99% of the time you can play in Warspeech on the mini and do DPS - the pair of you will melt faces before the mobs get anywhere near.
    If it goes south, you can easily drop Warspeech and start healing plus you get some handy buffs to make the pair of you kill stuff even faster.
    Pair that with the hunters swift travel ability and this is great for PVE levelling. Both are also relatively simple, standard classes if you are new to the game (Loremaster for example is a little more advanced due to the range of tools currently at your disposal)

    we got to level 37 before my kinnie foound he loved the hunter so much he swift levelled to 85, whilst my mini is awaiting the expansion in Evendim.....

    So you won't go to far wrong with hunter/mini

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shukar View Post
    I'm with you. As a Captain I has the choice of standing around waiting for stuff to get close enough to hit, or trying to chase it as it went for the Hunter. I had a LOT more fun duoing with a hunter as a Minstrel or RK.
    I just have my cappy stand next to the hunter and let the hunter pull. Mob runs to the hunter and I Battle-Shout and Devastating Blow, if the latter is necessary. If there are two mobs I let the hunter take on the ranged mob and pick of the non-ranged when it runs close enough to Battle-Shout at it or pick off the one that the Hunter is not attacking if there are two non-ranged. When the Hunter finishes off the ranged mob I can heal both of us with Rallying Cry and he can add some DPS to the non-ranged mob that my Herald and I are working on.

    Cappy plus Hunter works just fine. I don't run around at all. Everything comes to us in order to die.
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    Hobbit burglar, so any time the hunter leroy 3 mobs of 10 monsters each, the burglar HIPS of faint dead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nosdracir View Post
    I just have my cappy stand next to the hunter and let the hunter pull. Mob runs to the hunter and I Battle-Shout and Devastating Blow, if the latter is necessary.
    Most hunters, even bad ones, can defeat the majority of landscape enemies before they enter melee range. So this technique would work but only with tougher enemies or if pulling larger groups (many hunters seem very wary about groups of 3 or more, so having a captain or other class around for that would be helpful).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flunksch View Post
    Also which classes starts together?'
    Classes don't matter, races matter. But after the Intro sequence (which only takes maybe an hour), each race enters the "real game" in their racial home city - Elves in Celondim (S. Ered Luin), Dwarves in Thorin's Gate (N. Ered Luin), Hobbits in Michel Delving (The Shire) and Humans in... a town just outside Bree.

    However, then any characters can travel* to join up and adventure together in any of the areas. So play whatever race you want to play, and then just join up after the Intro.

    (* Find the Stable in your starting area (or in NW Bree) and use Swift Travel to get where you want to go.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Flunksch View Post
    She wants to play hunter elf... We want to level up together. So basically, what should I take that fits into the hunter?... Aslong as she plays something that is easy!
    Hunter is great starting class, an easy "point and shoot" set of combat options, and superior travel options at higher levels (esp for Group travel!). Everyone gets 2 free character slots/server, so she has 1 more to experiment with if she wants, but Hunter should work fine.

    The one thing a Hunter can't do is Heal (potions aside). Minstrel is a nice combat/healer option, as is LoreMaster (more Area-of-Effect spells and a combat pet) and RuneKeeper (but that's not a "free" class, if that matters). All 3 can resurrect, which might be nice for those times your GF falls down.


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