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    Implements of the Hunt

    Hi All,
    I've gone back to complete the Implements of the Hunt (level 67 Hunter) but can't seem to get into Carn Dum! The gate to the east wouldn't open so I went back to through Donnvail, when I got to what appears to be the western entrance of Donnvail it was as if there was an invisible wall preventing ne from going through! Is this a bug? perhaps? Either way I can't get into Carn Dum... Can anyone help please?

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    In case anyone was wondering what I was banging on about in my previous post, I went back to Donnvail the next day and the "Western Gate" I had seen that seemed to have and invisible wall no longer existed! I guess I must have experienced a graphical bug/glitch. Still haven't got into Carn Dum but I notice I have the "Key to the Gates of Carn Dum" item in one of my inventory bags... Guess that may help...

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    I'm confused as to what you're specifically trying to do...

    You're working on your level 50 class quest? Are you on the final leg of the quest? ie. Rune of Winged Dominance, Insignia of Battle, Medallion of Passage and Putrid Slime of Helchgam?

    If so, they are dropped by bosses in Carn Dum and Urugarth instances. So, you'd need both the Angmar quest pack to get into the instance, and a group to kill the bosses.
    I've easily solo'd both on my lvl 75 Warden, but you're a Hunter... So, group up. Alternatively, you can spend some Marks and purchase them at a Skirmish Camp.

    If that's not what you were asking, then you're going to have to clarify your question.



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