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    Will we have an open beta near the end of the beta period for Helm's Deep like previous expansions?

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    Cost (Turbine Points Only)

    How many Turbine points will you be charging for the full Expansion and, will there be multiple zones within HD that will be purchased seperately i.e broken down into smaller quest pack areas?

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    I would also want to know, how many turbine points can we expect HD to cost? Will it be like the other expansions which cost 1495, or will it cost more?

    EDIT: I suppose I am refering to the quest pack itself, not the FULL expansion, as those cost more.
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    Will there be any crafting resource instances in HD like there are in Hytbolt?

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    Any improvements being implemented to reduce lag?

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    What changes can we expect to legacies of legendary items?

    Do you consider offering a second gear profile for our characters to make respeccing even more convenient?

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    In addition to the new crafting tier, are we also getting a new guild rep tier?

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    What changes are being made to PvMP?
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    what are these threat changes mentioned in the guardian dev diary?

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    When Helms Deep launches will there be any graphical improvements such as more DX11 tessellation or higher res character models?

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    Will Big Battles have difficulty tiers? How will the difficulty level compare with that of current and past T2C raids?

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    Are there intentions to extend storage? At the bank vault or with a 7th bag? Or maybe a special bag/store-bag (like the premium bag) for things like buff-food, morale/power/regeneration-items and so on?

    When the traps fo the hunter become skills is that also happening to throwing axes of the champion and throwing knives of the burglar?

    Are the skills for survivability (so e.g for solo gaming meaning quests) throughout the classes reduced (little bit more difficukty ;D ) in general or do they stay the same or are they increasing?

    Will there be some real riddle quests with HD respectively any information concerning decision demanding quests? ("While there won't be any major decisions players will make during the epic story (we asked), Turbine did promise a few regular quests that will feature decision points as well as a new mystery to solve. " - Massively about the epic story)

    According to Massively you want to develop a GLFF. Will there be only 1 or also a general chat for OOC and trade of the whole server?

    With the new crafting tier: any new items you can produce for your house (besides the items you can exchange like in Hytbold for example, so I only mean crafted housing items)?

    Any new hobbies?

    A rough estimation of collectable TP from deeds in West-Emnet possible or publishable?

    Can you give a number of new reputation fractions?

    Is there already a plan/date to publish a dev diary about Housing update? (I know the update will come after the expansion, but maybe th diary already before the expansion?)


    The area which propably will come in spring 2014 like in the last years (Enedwaith, Great River Region, Wildermore): Will it be western, southern or eastern of West-Emnet (northern is propably not possible ^^)?
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    Kinship additions/revamp ?

    In Helms Deep, can we look forward to ANY additions to the overall usage of a Kinship? (The ability to have kinship quests to earn buffs for our members would be a nice touch..)

    Every kin house gets upto 3 storage chests no matter if the kin has 8 members or 800, is there any plan to change this to take into account the size of a kin?

    Chances are these questions wont get answered since they aren't gonna be amongst the 20 most popular questions but... https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...evamp-Proposal still proves that MANY players believe this is an important aspect of the game that doesn't get much love.

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    Do we need to have Riders of Rohan to be able to participate in the Helm's Deep content?

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    Will we need the Helms Deep expansion to take part in Epic Battles? and will we need to be VIP? (Sorry for asking 2 questions in 1 post)

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    Will we be given the choice to assist different parts of the battle, work with different characters, and perform different activities providing a different personal outcome but still falling within the scope of the cannon outcome from The Two Towers?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sapience View Post
    We’ve pulled questions from the community and player council for our previous 20 Questions features, but this time around we want you to tell us, directly, what you’d like to know about the Helm’s Deep expansion. We’ll select at least 20 of the most frequently asked questions and answer them in our next 20 Questions feature.

    We do have a few requirements.

    • Keep your questions brief and to the point. We don’t need a lot of back story or editorial, just ask the question.
    • Please do not ask compound or multi-part questions.
    • Make sure you are asking a question. Lengthy opinions that end in a question mark aren’t questions.
    • Please limit your questions to the Helm’s Deep Expansion.

    You have until Noon Eastern Time on Monday September 23 to ask your questions. Then we’ll compile them, answer them, and post them for everyone to read as quickly as we can.

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    What Legendary item updates are planned to coincide with the new trait trees?

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    The Guardian Developer Diary raised some questions in the feedback thread about threat management. Can you explain what is changing and how threat and tanking is expected to work (not just for Guardians, but for Wardens and tank-traited Champions and Captains)?
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    at $40 or $60 for Helm's Deep, why isnt it all inclusive? Helm's Deep should include all previous content and expac's. Thats the only way Im buying it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenze View Post
    at $40 or $60 for Helm's Deep, why isnt it all inclusive? Helm's Deep should include all previous content and expac's. Thats the only way Im buying it.
    I wouldn't hold my breath How will we be queuing up for these big battles?
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    in the trait tree system, will we be able to use, for example, two traits from two different trees (for example, the beresker and martial champion for a champion)?

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    In Volume III: Book 3: Echoes of the Dead - Chapter 8: Further Secrets, several mentions are made of a dwarf hall called Zigil-Jabâl that would be located in the White Mountains.
    Though not lore (as the dwarves settled in the White Mountains after the War of the Ring) will Turbine follow through with their internal game lore and give dwarves with White Mountain characters a place to call home ?
    In short, seeing that Helmsdeep lies in the north-western White Mountains, are we going to see "Zigil-Jabâl" with the HD expansion ?
    If not, are there any plans at all to ever put this invented White Mountain Dwarf hold in the game ?

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    • Are there plans to extend and make more use of the new Character Upscaling tech like, for example, implementing a mentoring system or invite lower level friends to other instances whose minimum level they have not reached yet but they own? If the answer is no, why not?
    • What was the artistic criteria behind the design of Hornburg that we have been able to see in the sneak peeks so far, in particular the baroque and even rococo style of the parapet?
    • How many enemies will participate on the biggest Epic Battle in-game (accounting both those that don't move at all and are just standing, and those who actually interact with the players)?
    • Are there plans in the horizon of Helm's Deep to extend the Mounted Combat system beyond adding or tweaking the skills and traits?
    • Are there plans in the horizon of Helm's Deep to give access to Mounted Combat to characters lower than 75 if they own the Rohan or Helm's Deep Expansion?
    • How have you solved the landscape connection between the Eriador and Rhovanion landmasses in the Ford of Isen area? With a loading screen?
    • Are you planning to retrofit Epic Battles to content previous to Helm's Deep, like Ford of Isen's Battle in the Epic book, maybe as a sneak peek of what is to come later?
    • Are you planning to retrofit Epic Battles to previous skirmishes where it makes sense, like Battle for 21st Hall, as an alternative, more epic, version for people that get the expansion?

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    Are the Legacies on Legendary Items also going to be adjusted to fit with the class changes?

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    Why are the pre-order cosmetic items undyable?


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