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    Quote Originally Posted by tomcat211 View Post
    What Legendary item updates are planned to coincide with the new trait trees?
    Oh, you beat me to it.

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    Since the LAG has become such a pain in the multi spawn instances (Flight, Fornost fire, etc.), & this Big Battle instance on its way. Are you going to fix this issue or are the Big Battles going to be a lag fest as well?
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    Quote Originally Posted by VirtualVikki View Post
    Will the long talked about housing improvements/changes arrive with the new expansion? If not please answer someone else's question.
    They've already stated the housing update will not be coming until after HD.

    Quote Originally Posted by Orodbril View Post
    "There were a few questions answered that weren't related to the epic story. The team is looking into creating an official GLFF channel, since so many players use it but it doesn't receive official support."
    OMG my prayers to the Turbine gods have finally been answered!!!

    My questions:

    Will this expansion include any revamps of earlier content or regions?

    Will this expansion include any updates to character model graphics, or new hairstyles?

    Will more wardrobe slots be available to hold all the new gear we'll be getting/crafting?
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    - Out of all the veterans who've been playing lotro for 4-6 years now, do you think more than 50% of them will actually continue to play once they've felt how it is to only have half so many skills available to play around with (or armour and weapons to swap to in-combat).

    (sorry, I never trolled in 7 years of lotro, but very worried now about the narrowing down of in-combat versatility)
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    Will Turbine consider awarding seals/meds/marks for instance completion on a daily only basis to prevent farming?

    Will there be revisions to the relic and rune forging system to allow automated forging and/or consolidation of tiny IXP runes, so saving on repetitive strain injury claims?

    Based on the captain developer diary, why are support classes being forced to specialise and lose key support abilities locked deep in other trees when in fact lack of specialism is entirely the point? (I await the LM diary with interest.)

    Why has the threat mechanic changed?
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    Can you explain exactly how the scaled up lower level players will interact in HD?

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    Question that all pvp players ask and never got fully answered.


    Please do this for once, pvp players deserve this, aswell as finnaly improved cloaks with good stats, last ones had really bad stat boosts.

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    What kind of refund can we expect for spend TP/VIP subscription for unlocking trait slots if these will be removed for the new skill tree system? What benefits can be expected in contrast to f2p-Players without unlocked trait slots?

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    1. Will you fix the lag issues and server load problems before HD?

    2. Will there be new first comes, first takes farming followed by nerf like in FA/SA item farms, HL recipes etc?

    3. Will gold/FA loot be only from high tier/challenge instances?

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    Why was Chance Thomas not used for the soundtrack?

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    from the facebook page this was a good one: Based on the captain developer diary, why are support classes forced to specialise and lose key support abilities when in fact lack of specialisation is entirely the point?
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    Two questions:

    Will the epics in this expansion finally end Volume III?

    Will old zones like Angmar and North Downs get an overhaul?
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    Compared to Mines of Moria (subscription era) how many full time developers are exclusively working on Helm's Deep Expansion?

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    - Details on "Threat revamp" motivation and implementation?
    - How do you plan to ensure that the class changes are balanced for _existing_ landscape, instance and Epic battles content with just 2 months of beta?
    - Any changes to current reward system in instances planned?
    - How will the reward system for Epic battles work in detail?
    - Will there be a seals reset at HD launch?
    - Will there be different versions of HD (Questpack/Big Battles/Full expansion) available in the in-game store for TP, at what costs?
    - Will the different reward systems for skirmishes/Helegrod/fixed-level instances and scaling instances be unified?
    - Do you have a backup plan if class changes will not work out?
    - When can we expect a preview of how Epic battles will actually work? The three-roles info isn't encouraging at all without details how it all works together in practice.
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    1) How are the threat mechanics going to work
    Yes, it's been asked a dozen times already in the thread, but this is a question we all want to know the answer to.

    2) Are there any plans to address the "farming" of specific content, both new and old (Eg, making rewards daily, reintroduce locks etc)
    Theres only so many times you can run BFE or Sammy before losing the will to live.

    Being able to take lower level kinnies to epic battles is a great way to include them in on the fun in a kinship, but given the attitude of PUG groups ("Lv95's only"):
    3) Is there anything in the epic battle system that would make upscaled players feel less like a liability (due to smaller skill pools, worse itemisation at lower levels [even when scaled] etc)

    4) Will skirmish raid loot be made BoE instead of BoA, to bring it in line with other endgame loot? And will skirmishes be (properly) converted over to the new pending loot system?
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    How will healing threat be managed?
    How will LI's tie in to new system? Will we get only get new relevant legacies as we level from 85 to 95?
    Are all skills being reviewed in light of other classes? (some skills affect other classes' skills that have now changed according to DD's)
    Will a dps RK be able to switch to heals mid fight if minstrel/cappy/LM/other RK dies/goes link dead (and all permutations of this question.) ie is there going to be a defeat response that lets you respec on the fly, for real, in combat?
    and the lag-what about raid lag and fire/special effect lag? (I really don't want my first view of the epic battles to be on low graphics in stop motion!)

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    What can u tell us about Monster play with the release of HD(new skills/revamps)?

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    When will you stop letting casual "log on once a week" players direct your development?

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    1) Any plans for scaling more not yet scaled instances with Helms Deep (Angmar, Moria etc.)?

    2) Is the implementation of Big Battles the End of Multi Boss Raids in Lotro?

    3) Are you going to rework the legacies on legendary items because of the class revamps?
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    • Can we get a developer diary about the thread changes mentioned in the Guardian developer diary?
    • Will there be a developer diary about the changes to the legacies of the different classes?
    • (non HD) when do we get the next multi boss raid?
    • Any old instances transferred to scalable?
    • Will there be a seal reset at launch of HD?

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    Do Epic Battles means that it will be not anymore "old fashioned" raids?

    Do we will see 2nd part of class diaries? (That what we seen so far more look like a teaser than diary)

    Becouse of class changes I assuming legacies will change, what will happen with old weapons?
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    Will the hardware requirements be a factor in playability for players without jacked systems?
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    Will the class that you play have any effect on your performance in one of the 3 "roles" of Epic Battles? How does each role differ in how it is "rewarded" (bronze-platinum)? Is it about how many mobs you kill? How long you keep an NPC alive? How long it takes you?

    Will playing as a Vanguard only be viable for those who trait/"tree" for DPS? Will a healing build, or a CC build, never be able to earn platinum as a Vanguard?

    Are the Battles judged as a whole, or piece by piece? I ask because we have been told that there are optionals. Well, will I have an opportunity to earn a platinum for each optional? Will the Battles be judged as a whole, at the end, and platinum only awarded to those who completed every objective (inc. optionals) with a perfect score?

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    Is the ability lag and the warsteed lag going to be addressed in the HD release? (esp. the ability lag, makes playing warden more challenging than it should be).

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    Is the "always free" Epic quest line going to be free after Hd? Or is the pay for epic book going to continue after HD?
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