We’ve pulled questions from the community and player council for our previous 20 Questions features, but this time around we want you to tell us, directly, what you’d like to know about the Helm’s Deep expansion. We’ll select at least 20 of the most frequently asked questions and answer them in our next 20 Questions feature.

We do have a few requirements.

  • Keep your questions brief and to the point. We don’t need a lot of back story or editorial, just ask the question.
  • Please do not ask compound or multi-part questions.
  • Make sure you are asking a question. Lengthy opinions that end in a question mark aren’t questions.
  • Please limit your questions to the Helm’s Deep Expansion.

You have until Noon Eastern Time on Monday September 23 to ask your questions. Then we’ll compile them, answer them, and post them for everyone to read as quickly as we can.