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    Strobe - Rank 13 Second Marshal

    Congratulations Strobe on Rank13, obviously a monumental achievement. I didn't plan on starting the thread, but it's not right that there isn't one up already.
    You have really shown yourself to have a decent character, and very interesting personality the past months I've played this game with you.
    Also you are clearly the greatest Rune Keeper on this server, despite a number of other names who are very good as well. And without any intention to cause offence to the other great players, you surpass them all.

    Congratulations, if you decide to take a break, I hope you enjoy it.

    P.S. Don't take a break, Hotz and his friends seem to have continued interest in organizing small group fights, and there is alot of fun to be had with that.
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    Congrats on R13, Strobecakes! You're a blast to play with, a great guy, and an awesome RK.
    Hromgar, Captain
    Wardens of Numenor, Landroval

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    Grats Strobe! Quite the achievement.

    I was your first friend via GLFF when you transferred over. you paid me 1 copper to be your friend on Snertle and it's been uphill since then.
    You're a super skilled RK, and a pain in my creep ###. If I ever bring Hagges out of retirement you can bet I'll be hitting you up for tips and advice on what's new on that side.
    Whenever I group with you I have a blast; even fighting you and your chestly, hairy, dwarvish self is a riot.



    WholesomeBurrito - Defiler. Killamanjaro - Warleader. Hagges - 85 RK (retired)
    Plethora of noncapped alts and other monster characters

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    Congratulations to the jiggalo with the most below! Strobe is an absolute beast on his RK, and is an epic pvper both in ooc, forum posts and real combat. My friend, continue to bathe in the tears of creeps, for they are delicious, and a symbol of your continued prosperity!
    "Heroes get remembered but Legends never die."

    SnH Landroval

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    Congratulations Strobe the zappy dorf to zap them all. Down deeper you go into a never ending grind to rank 14!
    Altoholics Anonymous
    Rank 14

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    Grats to a beast of an RK, and the server's craziest dorf (or player for that matter). GL on the way to r14! keep on zapping!
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    Best Dressed dwarf on landroval.

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    congo rats to the BEAST rk of the landofmen. it has been a blast fighting along side ya and a painful enjoyment of a challenge fighting against ya. i believe my favorite times are just when i get to sit back, break out the popcorn, and watch ya spread your logic to the naysayers. now put your shirt back on and get out there. no need to scare the greenies away.


    malfunctioning extravagance

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    that is all.


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    Gratz and I bet WeHateStrobeClub increases in numbers now even more. :P

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    Be real...

    The guy knows his stuff.

    The man created the flash nuke.

    Ranked fast , but it was well earned.

    Grats bro, never thought i could love a canadian so much
    I do it for the lulz. ~SnH~
    People @ turbine/WB are a huge tease, but dont worry they end up screwing you on every update/expansion.
    " When enough scrubs get together, they accomplish great things "

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    Gratz immortal RK! :-)
    Maybe now is the time to raise the rank of your creeps.
    Good luck!
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    Thank you all kindly, be you a friend or foe.

    This server would just not be Landroval without every single one of you

    that has a tick on my Killing Blows counter

    **That includes you, Tao. -- http://tinypic.com/r/24fcrrt/5

    Joking of course, no one cares for stats. Amirite?

    I am not going for or planning to even brush Rank 14 - First Marshal.

    But I'll see you all out there from time to time, naked or not, until my VIP runs out and I have to go back to playing my reaver, Fardochee.
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    Gratz!!! Im so proud of my naked dork dworf =D When you pull your flower out and takes me on my knees. I proud to have such talented rk and with sense of humor as kinmate and more importantly a friend =)



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