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    guide to esteldin/tinnudir

    Probably bit picky, but shouldn't the hunter skill "Guide to Evendim" be called "Guide to Tinnudir"
    Esteldin is a big area after all, and all the other travel skills are to a particular place. (Such as Rivendell, not Trollshaws)

    Did take a few looks through my skills to find it the first few times I needed it (Sure there's a skill to Tinnudir here somewhere . . . ?)

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    Well if the hunter got 2 guide skills to Evendim (like happen with the Guide to West Angmar & Guide to East Angmar ) will be proper that the guide will be called the the city & no the quest pack. So it really doesnt matter much.

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    In a hurry, one may not always remember where Tinnudir is.

    Displaying as "Evendim" would tell them "I can get to Evendim with this".

    The description should mention the name of the settlement you arrive in however, IMO.
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