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    Fiar play within the Moors - or NOT

    Below is a ticket i have sent to GM's as well as other channels asking for an explaination regarding fair play within the Moors and how htey think it is somewhat a balanced state of affairs.

    Dear Sir,

    Please can you tell me how you think the Moors are some what a fair state right now?

    We had a small group of 6 creeps agaisnt a single warden and we spent 15 minutes without killing him at all!!!

    We then tried another freep and the same result - all the freep classes are basically GODS and this is killing the Moors wiith your incompetence and poor attitude in making the Moors a fair battlefield.

    I was a VIP since the very 1st day it went live and I have now cancelled my subs and will not renew at all. Will certainly not purchse HD as there is sweet FA for creeps.

    This is a complaint regarding fair play, poor developement and the poor customer service that you as a company is providing its customers fairly. Everything is in favour of the freeps and nothing in the creeps favour. You have ruined the best part of the game and that is a shame.

    Several very long serving Creeps have left, are leaving and will never return becuse of this imcompetence and very poor balance that will NEVER EVER be close to give fair fights.

    A very unhappy annoyed long serving ex-VIP

    All tickets were simply closed and ignored which I find even more infuriating and shows how small minded Turbine are. Creeps and the Moors is not wanted!!
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