I'm thinking of transferring a couple of my characters if I can find a more active server during my playing times. I figure the best time to investigate is a slow period - if a server is healthy now, it must be in very good shape!

My specific question would be how active the server is around 8pm-midnight PDT on weeknights?

The server I'd be leaving is only active (if ever) at east coast prime time, i.e. late afternoon for me. Based on the speed Meneldor finished the bounder token statue, apparently this is one of the largest US servers, so I'm hoping there'd be enough people for active grouping at west coast hours as well. And by "active grouping" I mean not just Sambrog farms, or the marginally less boring School farms and OE farms. My preference on the rare occasions I can get it is random 6-mans for maximum variety. Perhaps on a busy server I might take the seal grind for First Agers more seriously, but on my current servers that's a ludicrously unattainable goal. Would be interested in raids at the "see the content" level (t1 is just fine), not the hardcore t2c-or-bust approach. By now I've almost come to think of raids as semi-fictitious content, they're so rarely run, even in years past when the serious raiders were still around...

Anyway, I'd be very interested to hear what other west coast players think of this server and the grouping environment here. I'm thinking I should wait to pull the trigger on transfers until after HD - see if Turbine breaks the classes I'd be moving, or so totally botches things that I stop playing LOTRO entirely (a bit worried by some of the "dev diaries" if you can call such short and vague documents that). But that leaves plenty of time to ask around like this and create lowbie scout alts to follow up. Thanks in advance for any advice about the server!