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    Elendilmir kinships?

    In the past several months, my kinship in which I lead raids has dwindled down to a dozen active members. Our raid leader has become mostly inactive because his real life has become very busy. Most of our officers have also been unable to log in. This makes raiding very difficult when trying to learn new raid strategies. We've taken down t2 smaug but struggle on the others. Most PUGs aren't interested in attempting a t2 without the raid leader proficient. This brings me to my dilemma.

    I've spent the last couple days looking for a kinship willing to take on a few more people (probably 12). In my searches I found most registered kinships don't even exist anymore and most that do are in the same boat as I am.

    So, a couple questions, hopefully someone can give me some ideas. Are there any active kinships on Elendilmir needing a dozen or so folks that like to raid? Is this problem I'm having the same on all servers? If not, what servers actually still have very active kinships?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Cool Circle of Light - Elendilmir

    Hi there,

    We, the Circle of Light have been around for a number of years. We continue to grow and you and your kin would be certainly welcome to join us. We do like to do Raids, although some members may not be as proficient at them as yours, as it isn't our main focus. However we do have an Officer of Raids that helps to organize and carry-out the Raids who is quite knowledgeable.

    Our site is www.col.guildlaunch.com

    If you are interested find me there, or catch up to me in game and we can discuss if COL is a good fit for you and your bunch.





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