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I'm confused by your last line, are you referring to AoE damage or AoE threat generation? I know the two things are related, but earlier you were talking about Challenge, which as you know is threat generation without damage.

IMO, I think it's premature to assume that the dev diary was talking about reducing AoE threat skills in everything but the FoS line. For one thing, that would really make no sense for DotF since it's being thought of as the main tanking line. When I read that I interpreted it as meaning an increase in the AoE attacks & damage for FoS, which I would definitely welcome.

That was meant to say threat not damage. I'm so awesome at typing

They wouldnt need to reduce aoe threat for it to be bad. Our base aoe is pretty weak to begin with. If they take all the aoe bonuses away from our tank line. Which was kind of implied. We could be in a bad spot.