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I have not read the entire thread but.... I am the first and only tank that completed all 3 erebor raids t2 on my server when 85 was cap so Id say Im a pretty good guard. The guardian class is broke. Blue line is terribly useless for tanking more than 2 mobs. You need to bring back littany of defiance as a threat generator, whirling retaliation as threat generator , vexing blow(which is useless now) and shield taunt add more threat passively ( sorry to be rude) and yes im telling not asking. Make them deep in blue line.

It seems we are a poormans champ as we need dps to tank and shields are useless!!

I have a capped champ and guard both fully geared. Tanking on them is scarily similar. They have become the same class. The parry/block response cancelling each other i believe is a known issue. We are the only class (and perhaps wardens) that CANNOT stack our main stat for our main role. I have gotten all pieces with 217 vitality and it has made tanking more difficult!!!!

Come on really?? FIX THIS CLASS
Dmunney, I tend to disagree with you on this. I have no problem holding aggro with the skills they provide. I regularly raid with champs, LMs, and hunters. Never had a problem pulling aggro from any of them nor holding it. What I think you are forgetting is that DPS is now part of a Guards threat generation. Skills like vexing blow, whirling retaliation, and such help generate more DPS and since Guards get a 3x bonus to their DPS generating threat they help even more. Try mixing up Might and Vit. If you are trying to go with a full Vit build, you are probably losing out in the DPS side of things.

And dont be so rude..."telling them" will most likely get you no where. Also throwing around your self-importance also only makes you look silly. Many of us have been playing since initial launch and are capped everything/best armor/best jewelry, ect.