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This might make sense if Aragorn had carried 3 different Andurils, or Frodo 3 different Stings. But with HD, gameplay just keeps getting further and further from LotR. And that makes me sad. About the only thing continuing to be worth it, is seeing landscape and characters as the storyline plays out. Beyond that? meh to the max.
... Loremaster was released with the game, RK with Moria... Nothing HD does takes you further from LOTR then the implications of implementing just these 2 classes that exist for many years now...

LIs were added to the game many years ago... So basically you are ranting about things that existed for a long time now and blaming it on HD....

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100% agree with Chromite.

If by improved you mean ridiculously OP in DPS tree... Then yes.

However, it is insanely boring to play.
Its interesting how those who openly and completely oppose the changes never have anything to say that backs up their claims... Its always: "i play guard beta, it no good, it bad"

There are threads that you can easily find in which players actually explain the changes objectively... There are some good things and some bad (which is always the case) but overall it seems we are getting an improvement...