Hello, everyone. It’s EdgeCase here, and I want to talk to you about how we’ll be recognizing players for their contributions to the Bounder’s Bounty event. We have three ways that we’ll be celebrating your successes in this event.

First, there will be a brand new statue in the center of Michel Delving! This statue will be a new, never-before-seen statue built by the Bounders to commemorate how much the Free Peoples helped them during the Bounder’s Bounty. This statue will have a plaque on it, which will forever display the greatest contributors to the cause of the Bounders.

The second way is on the plaque itself. We will show a list of the servers that finished the event first. The first five servers to complete their server goal will be immortalized on this plaque forever!

The final way will also be shown on the plaque. On the plaque will be the names of one character for each person who contributed the most to the event. If you’re one of our biggest contributors, you will have the name of one of your characters emblazoned on this statue forever.

Here’s the way that this reward will work:
Once Helm’s Deep launches and the Bounder’s Bounty event ends, we will tally up how many tokens everyone donated to the Bounders.
While counting these numbers, we’ll combine the totals for all of your characters on a particular server. For example, if you have one character on Firefoot that donated 500 tokens, and another that donated 250, your total for Firefoot will be 750.
Once we have these totals, we will email the winners to make sure that they want their names on the statue, and to ask which of their character names they would like on the plaque. We’ll only be posting a single character name for each person, as well as what server that character was on.

Q: I’m on a low-population server. What point is there for me to turn in tokens to the Bounders?
A: Every server should be able to unlock the server vendor and Bounder’s Boon buff. In addition, you can get your character’s name onto the statue regardless of how many tokens your server has turned in as a whole.

Q: I’ve opted out of email communications from Turbine. How will you contact me if I’ve won?
A: Unfortunately, if you’ve opted out of all email communication from Turbine, we will not be able to contact you if you win, and you will be disqualified.

Q: What if I play on more than one server? Will my contributions from each server be pooled together?
A: We will not be able to count contributions from different servers together. For the best chance to get your name on the plaque, you should concentrate your efforts on a single server.