After playing for two weeks with absolutely NO issues, I've started crashing again today. Two crashes in the last 30 minutes, locking up my win7 box along with the crash.

I played about 4 hours yesterday and then cut the grass and then played last night about 2 hours. The crashing started today, AGAIN. Absolutely NOTHING has changed in my computer from yesterday until today.

I say "Started crashing AGAIN today" because this is the 3rd time these random crashes have mysteriously occurred. Absolutely NOTHING I have done on my end has fixed this problem, and I diligently chased down and jumped thru innumerable hoops to find problems or issues the 1st & 2nd time. The problems just as mysteriously went away as they had mysteriously begun occurring.

I'm convinced that *something* on LOTRO's end is amiss ... AGAIN.