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I never said i wanted you to leave ettens, so don't lie please.
You and everyone else is free to come to ettens, and hopefully more will.
I just wanted you to leave grams so that the creeps might have come out for open battles sooner.

Not sure i understood you "watching other die" comment correctly.
But since you are so fond of living in the past i do remember you standing aside with a raid and watching even your kinmates die.

And btw. My comments here are mine and mine alone.
Not my kin's. ( so blame me, not the kin. Thank you )
If u meant grams and not moors it's misunderstood although u have to know that your group with 4 minies and 1-2 capies made the creeps to hug on Grams.. Our group was able to ''give kills'' anytime so it was impossible for us to camp Grams alone

When u wrote on freeps OOC about our group camping we were inside troll cave for 10mins already without fighting and we were trying to arrange a balanced fight with the craid until they manage to get some more numbers so as to fight all together at the same place

It's not only you Lerine.. + Morva wrote on foroums that I want to feed low freeps to creeps + Leis wrote 1st about our ''switchsiders'' camping group and shame about hate between freeps while u start to write about me without even have written anything about you because I don't really care anymore (see my 1st post after event)