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    Cool PvMP Sunday : 22/09/13 17:00 GMT

    Hi everyone!

    Following on from the success of last PvMP Sunday, me and Feni thought it was about to time to arrange another - this one starts an hour EARLIER.

    Like last time, let's try and have things reasonably equal to start with - don't want people logging in, seeing blue/red map and then not wanting to fight.

    Let's keep the action going for as long as possible, but ofc once it gets to a certain time people start to leave for RL reasons or whatver, so when this happens, me and Feni will communicate if a side is losing people, and so we can have smaller scale action afterwards with the people who are still around or if there really aren't many, some spars at least - just because sides lose big names/big ranks, doesn't mean the rest can't still fight and have some fun

    Let's try for open fights, I don't think either side really enjoys hugging. Less greed + more consideration = more FUN and POINTS for BOTH sides!

    I know timezones vary, but start time for the event is 17:00 GMT <- so to check what time that is in your zone you can google it.

    Hope to see you there guys

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