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    Cool PvMP Sunday : 22/09/13 17:00 GMT

    Hi everyone!

    Following on from the success of last PvMP Sunday, me and Feni thought it was about to time to arrange another - this one starts an hour EARLIER.

    Like last time, let's try and have things reasonably equal to start with - don't want people logging in, seeing blue/red map and then not wanting to fight.

    Let's keep the action going for as long as possible, but ofc once it gets to a certain time people start to leave for RL reasons or whatver, so when this happens, me and Feni will communicate if a side is losing people, and so we can have smaller scale action afterwards with the people who are still around or if there really aren't many, some spars at least - just because sides lose big names/big ranks, doesn't mean the rest can't still fight and have some fun

    Let's try for open fights, I don't think either side really enjoys hugging. Less greed + more consideration = more FUN and POINTS for BOTH sides!

    I know timezones vary, but start time for the event is 17:00 GMT <- so to check what time that is in your zone you can google it.

    Hope to see you there guys

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    Hope to see everyone there
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    Nice idea ..Will be there probably and hopefull it will be like last one

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    Nice to have pvp events more often..

    Maybe it would help the action if we try to start the fights on plenty small 6-groups (fellow/kin/tribe groups) and ''build up'' the action step by step since the large raids on night productive hours if there's need to merge the groups..

    Hope many players would join on both sides so as to have large long battles
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    My champ will be there. Hopefully many others will join too. I am sure some kin mates will be on both sides.

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    Sunday Bloody Sunday..

    Bloody Sunday with massive fights!

    Maybe the most crowded fights on Withy ever.. (during the event 40+ freeps - 40+ creeps joinned the battles)

    Freeps were too many at the start of event althought the fact that creeps didn't log + the smaller fraids + more people who logged on creep side later, made the fights quite balanced during the night..

    Just imagine how pvp would be in Withy if only the half of the people who logged yesterday manage to log daily..

    Cheers on both sides
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    I amar prestar aen.. ''the world has changed..''



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