Dear LOTRO Players

I would like to invite you all the the Fellowship Walk 2013. Hosted on Landroval and by

This is our official Fellowship Walk 2013 song "Walk the Path" Composed by Achazia Songweaver with Lyrics written by Mysteri.

Here is a link to all the post and information you could possibly require.

We have:

A party on the 22nd to celebrate Frodo's Birthday (2.00pm/est) At the Party Tree.

Our walk begins on the 23rd at Bag End (7.00pm/est) We walk to our first check point in Green Hill Country.

From then on each walk begins at 2.00 pm/est. Where we begin and end our walk depends on the money we raise for the children's charity Child's Play. All donations/the entire donation from our fund-raiser will go directly to the charity.

Our event is completed with an Elven welcome at the Last Homely House, Rivendell. On the 24th October at 6.00pm/est.

Please see the above link for: Auctions, Event Details, Competitions, Trivia, Music, Prizes, Fashion and much more

I can announce that WETA workshop NZ have very kindly donated prizes, so it was worth a look just to see what is up for grabs.