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    The Fellowship Walk 2013: Landroval Sept 22nd 2.00pm/ 23rd 7.00pm

    Dear LOTRO Players

    I would like to invite you all the the Fellowship Walk 2013. Hosted on Landroval and by LOTROPlayers.com.

    This is our official Fellowship Walk 2013 song "Walk the Path" Composed by Achazia Songweaver with Lyrics written by Mysteri.

    Here is a link to all the post and information you could possibly require.


    We have:

    A party on the 22nd to celebrate Frodo's Birthday (2.00pm/est) At the Party Tree.

    Our walk begins on the 23rd at Bag End (7.00pm/est) We walk to our first check point in Green Hill Country.

    From then on each walk begins at 2.00 pm/est. Where we begin and end our walk depends on the money we raise for the children's charity Child's Play. All donations/the entire donation from our fund-raiser will go directly to the charity.

    Our event is completed with an Elven welcome at the Last Homely House, Rivendell. On the 24th October at 6.00pm/est.

    Please see the above link for: Auctions, Event Details, Competitions, Trivia, Music, Prizes, Fashion and much more

    I can announce that WETA workshop NZ have very kindly donated prizes, so it was worth a look just to see what is up for grabs.

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    Sounds brilliant! I may have to make a character for this server too (I have one on Laurelin just for the green dragon meets, sadly a tad neglected by me of late).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macroscian View Post
    Sounds brilliant! I may have to make a character for this server too (I have one on Laurelin just for the green dragon meets, sadly a tad neglected by me of late).
    Rolled one, made level 30 - a rather welcoming server, thanks for that! Now it looks as if I will have to work during the walk itself. I wish you a fine event in case I can't make it!

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    I have an alt on Landroval especially for these amazing player events.

    The kick off party last night was great. Lovely music, and the quiz was great fun.

    Unfortunately the walking part (7pm) translates to 1am in the morning for me so I don't think I will be able to make it. My old body needs it beauty sleep

    Still I wish you all the very best for the event and it's very worthy cause.

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    I wish to thank every Elf, Human Dwarf and Hobbit who came out to the Party Tree to celebrate with The Fellowship Walk Organiser. All at LOTROPlayers.com are overwhelmed with the positive response we experienced.

    Tonight it is all about the Walk! We have raised enough pennies to walk from Bag End, Hobbiton to Green Hill Country, Tookland.

    We leave just after 7.00pm after our /salute to Pineleaf Needles. We have a company of Wardens leading the /Salute, but Pinelily, my new Warden will have uniforms aplenty for those who wish to consider themselves a Warden for a short while.

    Our Wardens will be standing face to face along the path just west of the entrance to Bag End.

    Remember Big Folks to the back, Little folks to the front.

    All are welcome!

    There are two competitions that you may like to be aware of:

    A "spot the creature" and a "Treasure Hunt" here are the links:




    My video: Lilikate's Creatures, Fellowship Walk 2013.


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    I hope I will be forgiven for posting again so soon.

    For all of you wondering which way we are walking, there are detailed maps. Click Here.

    Here is a Screenshot video I made of the entire route!

    Many hours were spent matching the narrative from Tolkien to the in-game landscape. I think we did rather well

    All at LOTROPlayers.com look forward to seeing you at Bag End on the 23rd Sept at 7.00pm (est). (A late one for me too)

    Next Saturday we continue our walk from Green Hill Country at 2.00pm (est).

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    The Fellowship Walk is about to start with Frodo's Birthday Party on Sunday, 22 September, 2013 at 2pm on the Landroval Server. The Shades will kick the event off with the first in game performance of this year's official Fellowship Walk song, Walk the Path. This song was composed by Achazia with myself writing the lyrics. If you would like to hear the song beforehand, there are two You Tube links. One on Achazia's YouTube channel and one on Lilikate Buggin's YouTube channel.
    Links can be found at http://www.lotroplayers.mymiddleeart...walk-the-path/

    The party promises to be fun with Animal House also performing, a fashion parade, trivia and fireworks. Please come and bring your party spirit

    The actual Fellowship Walk will kick off on Monday, 23 September at 7pm from Bag End. We will be kicking the journey off with a 21 Spear Salute to our beloved hobbit Warden, Pineleaf and from Bag End, we will be heading west before turning south and heading to Greenhills where we will camp.

    Weta NZ (Weta Workshops) have been great this year and has donated a Replica One Ring, 1 Bagshot Row miniature and a Disturber of the Peace Art Print for us to auction. They also donated a parchment map print of Middle Earth which will be this year's Treasure Hunt prize. Also, they are supplying us with a special discount code for anyone who wants to purchase anything from their site during the time that the Walk is underway.
    But wait there's more! Finally the Weta team have offered to pay all international postage to the winners. That is a huge saving for us and a great offer from them.

    Greenman Gaming has also come to the party and has donated two (2) digital copies of Grid 2 to auction. These will be auctioned separately and as they are digital downloads, I will email the winners the codes.
    There is lots more stuff donated by players as well. A more comprehensive list will be posted on Lotro Players website later this week. If anyone would like to donate for this year's auctions, please email me at Fellowshipwalk@gmail.com
    This year's Fellowship Walk competitions have started. There are four competitions listed and they are a Video Competition, A Poetry Competition, A Screenshot Competition and a Cosmetic Competition. The Cosmetic Competition has three categories: Best, Worst and Funniest.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank our guest judges for the competitions this year as well. Goldenstar, Spridra and Kaleigh Starshine. It is only through the support of others that we have the opportunity to make this year's Fellowship Walk a success.

    There are lots of people who we will thank over the coming the weeks, so please stay tuned for that on Lotro Players.

    The route we will be taking has also now been released. Be sure to check out Lilikates videos on the complete walk from Bag End to Rivendell and also her video on the Creatures to see from Bag End to Crickhollow. I did announce another competition in regards to the creatures you see. What I have asked is for those who are interested to make a list and email it to us. The winner will receive some housing items and some gold.

    As with any event, the details are now being finalised and published. For all things Fellowship Walk related, please go to http://www.lotroplayers.mymiddleeart...ellowship-walk

    A full itinerary of the Fellowship Walk will be posted later this week as well. Please remember that all times are Server Time (EST) and that this event is hosted on the Landroval server.

    Thank you again everyone for your support for this event. I am hoping that it is a success and that we manage to raise the $5000 we set as our goal for this year.

    Have fun

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    Todays party was huge and fun! I expect there to be a ton of walkers tomorrow eve!
    Landroval Server
    Officer of The Lonely Mountain Band
    Whilst cooking for Elevensies, Tinki floors 2 Orcs with her frying pan and fresh caught fish. The frying pan critted for 18 hp and the fish was extra tender afterwards.



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