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    Farming Sambrog "Spammy exploit"

    Hello. To my experience the barrow downs instance with Sambrog is being overly farmed. I see lff messages to Sambrog all over the place. It is ridiculous because it inhibits people from doing a more varied distribution of instances. This is due to unbalanced loot tables versus accessability or difficulty or time requirement to do the instance, I don't know the exact factor. I am sure people could fill in the details what particular factors make it stand out as a prime "farming object".

    This type of behaviour has to stop. Arguments like "but everyone has a will to chose to do any instance they want, they do not have to do Sambrog" is not an argument I find relevant because: The fact stands that it is inhibiting variety (see above) making the other, perhaps more interesting instances neglected and wasted. In order to run a less frequently run instance you are in need of a focused group, specialized in other purposes than those fullfilled by the Sambrog instance. Which can be hard for the people in smaller kins or those whithout kins or those who find it fun to run pickup groups.

    I am going to generalize here, beyond the Sambrog instance, because any instance can take it place given the right properties. I believe it is a design fault that is important to consider, albeit it is not easy to fix given that people are clever in finding the most optimal way of receiving rewards. In any case, tweaks should be done more frequently or faster to those instances that seem to get overly a lot of attention so other instances get to see more light.

    I hope to see more varied LFF messages in the future due to a more balanced set of instances. Perhaps with HD
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