Hey guys,

I was cleaning up some lingering quests in anticipation of West Rohan and there is one in Wildermore that I am having quite the time finishing. The quest is called "The Lost of the Balewood" and essentially you have to find six refugees in the Southern Balewood and report on them back in the Hidden Cave. I've found the three living and I went ahead and spoiled it for myself, finding that there are supposed to be thee dead as well... but that's where I run into some problems.

I have searched high and low, standing on the exact "ring marked" spots, and I cannot find any sign of the dead ones. Nothing shows up when you hit the "find stuff to click on key", delete in my key setup. Nothing but enemies show up with the "target" key, tab for me. If it fires when you're near their location automatically, I must be missing it somewhere, because I've been going back and forth for more time than I care too (particularly in the Balewood, but that's another topic).

Did anyone else have trouble with this quest and could someone tell me what exactly the game wants me to do to finds these last poor fellows?