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    Acccount wide option for hurried traveler

    i would love to buy this if their was a Account wide option i just think their should be more options for account wide purchase like buying extra vault space for all your characters instead of per character

    so i like reommending a Account wide option for hurried traveler

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    Oh yes! I will love to be able to buy swift travel cooldown reduction skills that apply account wide for 2k TP instead character bound for 500 tp each

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    Quote Originally Posted by YamydeAragon View Post
    Oh yes! I will love to be able to buy swift travel cooldown reduction skills that apply account wide for 2k TP instead character bound for 500 tp each
    same thing with vault storage upgrade to would be willing to pay 2k TP per upgrade instead of almost 1k per upgrade per toon

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    I was toying with a similar thought the other day. From pre-orders, promotional codes and the Mithril Edition, I have a variety of horses/ponies available for my characters from the get-go, but I still need to aquire a goat every time I'm about to send one of my girls into Moria. So I would like to see a pack that includes a basic goat and some other perks for all characters on an account for about 10$, the same price that the Samwise Gamgee Starter Pack is sold for. One pack would give people an account-wide steed plus some (loosely) related goodies, the other would give them a goat plus some other account-wide goodies for the same price.

    What I've come up with for this bundle is: a goat (the Dusky Nimblefoot Goat which once was available as an account-wide item would do nicely; the stats would be okay since this pack would only serve to give people something to ride in Moria) plus an additional mile-stone skill (so each character could bind to two locations straight away) plus... something.

    Account-wide vault storage would be problematic to add, I think, because there is many different tiers of vault upgrades and most of them can be purchased with in-game gold as well. An account-wide lower-tier vault upgrade would mean you'd lose the ability to buy this early upgrade in-game. An account-wide high-tier vault upgrade would possibly hang in limbo unusable until the character in question has unlocked the lower tiers. This would be analogous to the situation that caused problems after RoR launch when some people had the sixth bag, but not the fourth and fifth bag and the game didn't cope too well with that. I strongly suspect the game was constructed to accept tiered upgrades only in their specific order (which is also what happens with cosmetic appearance slots) and that adding them in any other order would cause problems.

    Hurried Traveller on the other hand would make a nice fit IMO and the pack could be themed something along the lines of "travel and explore Middle-Earth above ground and below". The name of this bundle could even reference Gimli in the same way the steed bundle references Samwise.

    Now, the Samwise pack includes four items -steed, riding skill, fourth bag and gold cap removal- so Turbine could throw one more goody into the deal to make the two of them look more on par. Something small since a mile-stone skill plus Hurried Traveller is a ver nice package indeed. So how about: goat, second mile-stone skill, Hurried Traveller and the Return to Thorin's Hall skill?
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