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    Question about deeds

    Hello all,

    I just started and i am level 7, Archet was destroyed and now I got my first deed. Are these the grinding quests people are talking about to get turbine points? should I do them now or not?

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    The following is a direct copy&paste of a post I wrote for somebody with pretty much the same question a few days ago. If you feel you need more clarification after reading this, please feel free to ask. (In response to your actual question, I'll emphasize that for almost every deed you finish, you'll get some free TP with which you can buy stuff in the in-game Store. About when to complete them, basically that depends on whether you want the XP you'll get as a side effect while working on deeds or not. If you find you level too quickly for your liking, save the deeds for later.)

    In general, you get a deed when you take the first step towards completing that deed. There is a few exceptions, the so-called hidden deeds, which will only show up in your deed log when you complete them, but the vast majority of deeds becomes visible when you begin progressing them. For example, a deed to slay 60 wolves in a specific area will become visible in your deed log when you slay your very first wolf in that area.

    Your most important tool for keeping track of your deeds is your deed log. You can access it by holding shift and pressing L or by clicking the little book icon in your menu bar, next to the ring icon of the quest log. The deed log will give you information on all non-hidden deeds you're currently working on and also on all deeds you have already finished. (There is a toggle for that at the top of each page.)
    There is different sections in your deed log. Each section can have several pages. The first section (and the one which is opened by default when you call up your deed log) is the class + social section. Class deeds generally require you to use specific skills a given number of times. Social deeds usually (but not always) are associated with festivals. Reputation deeds are also in this section of the deed log and require you to attain certain stages of reputation with the various in-game factions.
    The second section is landscape deeds. The most obvious type of landscape deeds is slayer deeds: defeat x number of y kind of mob. To find those, it is a good idea to kill one mob of every kind in every region of the game. The next type of landscape deed is quest deeds. Simply do x number of quests in the associated region. Then there is also explorer deeds. Those give you a list of locations in an area and you have to find those locations and walk up to them. Note that you can only open up landscape deeds in regions where you have access to the associated questpack.
    Other sections of the deed log hold the deed information for skirmishes, instances or hobbies.

    The left-hand page of the quest log lists all the deeds you're working on that fall into that sub-section of the quest log. Click one of the deeds to pull up more specific information on it. The right-hand page shows you that information.
    The upper half of the page tells you what to do to finish the deed. For skill, quest and slayer deeds you will see a bar here that fills up as you progress the quest. Only a blue bar can continue to progress. Class deeds typically have daily limits. You can only progress them for a certain amount of skill uses. After that number of uses, the bar turns yellow and will not move any further. Every day at the server reset (3:00 AM EST) all deed bars will return to the blue, progressable state.
    The lower half of the right-hand page shows you which rewards you'll get when you finish the deed. Those rewards range from titles to relics to mounts to reputation and almost always include 5-20 TP.

    Traits are usually gained by completing deeds as well, although some are rewards for your class quests at level 15, 30, 45 and 60. (Note that the whole trait system will change when HD releases in a few weeks.) There is four different types of traits. Virtues boost various character stats and can be improved to (at the moment) level 16. Racial traits usually give characters a small advantage in battle (e.g. by slightly increasing the damage of a specific weapon type) or open up special racial skills (like a port to the homelands of your race). Class traits improve or modify your class skills. They come in three different colours: red, blue and yellow. If you use several class traits of the same colour, you will get additional benefits right up to unlocking the so-called capstone skill of a given trait line. Legendary traits are either necessary for using a cap-stone skill or are really powerful improvements or skills for your character. These are typically earned by doing special quests.

    Once you have earned a trait and want to use it, you need to go to a bard NPC (some of the trainer NPCs for your class offer the same service, though). Bards are found in most major towns. Right-click the bard to talk to them and choose "Manage your traits" from their menu. You'll be shown your available trait slots and a list of all traits you can use, broken down into the four categories. Each trait can only be dragged into a trait slot of the same category. Equip whatever traits you want to use, pay the bard and re-activate your toggle-skills (which get automatically de-activated when using the trait interface). You can see a list of your equipped and non-equipped traits by opening the traits interface (default key J or click the wizard icon in your menu bar) anytime, even without a bard.

    A special case is skills that are earned by completing deeds (like racial or cap-stone skills). Those will remained greyed out and un-usable until you equip the associated trait at a bard. This can mean that you're limited in how many such skills you can use at any given time by how many trait slots you have available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by revoxfire View Post
    Hello all,

    I just started and i am level 7, Archet was destroyed and now I got my first deed. Are these the grinding quests people are talking about to get turbine points? should I do them now or not?

    There are a very large number of deeds of different sorts. Some require a lot of grinding, while some will easily be done simply by playing the game and doing quests.
    If you open the deed log (press 'shift-L') you can see which deeds you have started and what is needed to complete them. The easier deeds you should try to finish early, while some of the grindier slayer deeds are best left until later when you have increased in level enough to one-shot the monsters.

    Many (most?) of the deeds will award TP, but not all of them will do that.

    For an overview of all deeds see http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Deeds

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    Quote Originally Posted by revoxfire View Post
    I just started and i am level 7, Archet was destroyed and now I got my first deed. Are these the grinding quests people are talking about to get turbine points? should I do them now or not?
    In general, you don't need to go out of your way to do deeds. Go do quests and often the deeds will take care of themselves. As you get a deed, take a look at it to see what its rewards are. Hover over the progress bar, and you'll see how many you've racked up and how many you have to go to complete the deed. You'll even get deeds for completing quests in a zone, which means you're doing a deed with every quest you turn in.

    If you find you need more TPs, or you want a certain deed reward, that's when you might choose to grind a deed. If you are trying to earn TPs, you can create new disposable characters to do the deeds that are easy and quick to complete.

    So absolutely, you should do that deed... while you are doing other stuff.
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