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Dude - stop making stuff up.

I never said the the things you responded to. "It's for the children"? As if I would be so saccharine. "Turbine should go bankrupt"? Never said that either. "... so your kids can play the game for free" well now you're either making up in your head what I didn't say or you didn't actually read my post.

And then you blanket-insult and completely ignore the actual point of the post with "only an idiot..." I also never said I expected anything for free (lest I'd have been f2p like some others have been).

I'll boil down my original post to less than 10 words:
"Turbine, you broke your promise. I hate that."

Hopefully you can't misrepresent that and you might get the point of my original post.

For someone to say "Turbine, you promised, and I expect honesty" may seem extremist to you ... but in fact it's my right to expect honesty and yours to respond to stuff I didn't say as if I had said it.
I guess this whole controversy (not just your post) riles me up because the only "promise" I ever thought Turbine made was to make an awesome middle-earth MMO in return for people paying for it. As a commercial enterprise, I'd never expect Turbine or any other company to keep a free feature free forever. Even the whole F2P pricing structure is not a "promise" -- F2P could be revoked at any time (though I doubt it would happen because I'd guess that F2P is a financial boon for Turbine). Perhaps "idiot" is too harsh, but in general, if a person thinks that certain free features of any service (online gaming, water, healthcare, phone, internet, etc) are going to stay free forever, then that specific thinking of theirs is imo extremely naive. Take cell phone service for example -- I can't stand that most of the major wireless carriers in the USA no longer offer unlimited data (except Sprint I think), but I'd never accuse those wireless companies of "breaking promises." I realize that they are commercial enterprises both out to make a profit as well as pay their hard working employees a fair wage. Even "unlimited data" is not really a promise because it simply means you have a very high cap before your service is slowed down or cut off. So again, the only "promise" I expect a company to keep is to provide an awesome product or service in exchange for my money. Purely in my opinion, I believe Turbine has kept that promise and delivered an incredibly awesome middle-earth MMO for the past 6 years.

You're entitled to your opinion though, and I didn't mean to suggest you weren't. Although I feel strongly about this particular topic, on many other topics and decisions throughout my life that have nothing to do with online gaming, I've made errors of judgement. So I humbly and painfully realize that I have been wrong about many things in the past and try to learn from my mistakes. Although my writing here may come across as pretty intense and perhaps arrogant, I've learned the hard way that I am often wrong when I make real life decisions.