Saturday night there had to be seven or eight flanks in a row when freeps ran down from GV to BV. I mean all we did (all 12 of us) was keep moving around in a small halfmoon formation. I couldn't believe it after the third time, the eighth I had to log I mean holy ####, what the hell are you people doing? Did you even get any points off MB? I understand you need 24+ to kill BH groups but you had MORE then that.... OMG. I actually had pity, and for those who know me I rarely have empathy for others in a video game. Im dying to know what the situation is after wipe four through seven. Whats the raid chat like? Are you all loaded orsomething? Was that 6 man MB group sitting at TR and its potential 200 points worth the constant wipes? Anyway, you cant really make it any easier so I had my son who was observing the folly find an appropriate video to capture themoment.

"They just kept doing the same thing over and over dad. It was like they were pigs running to be fed". The kid is brilliant.

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