I don't know how i can have help with this but i'll try. I pre-purchased helms deep on sept 13 and it looks like it was given to my "trial" account which i never played since 2007 as i use another account here since 6 years (with my main char and all the others). So i'm stuck with this purchase on the wrong account (dumb trial) and can't do nothing to transfer it to this right one. Can you transfer it and by the same way destroy that old and unused trial account ? It's a real parasite. Also appears uselessly on login screen as the first choice.

Also, going to myaccount doesn't show Helms deep for either my main account and trial account. I did pay for it and received my confirmation email with the number #188..... (9/13/2013 5:22:33am GMT)

Please help, i don't wanna have to buy Helms deep a second time, this situation will screw the game for me.

Thank you !