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    Angry Question about hacked account

    Hi all,

    I've been hacked by someone and i cannot login to my turbine account or game.
    I have created a ticket and sent them all the info they want and the four digits of gredit card, but as they told me the card on file info is not the same as the info I sent them.
    I have also provide them with lot of pictures proving that the account is mine (paypal receipt for lifetime, turbine points purchase via paypal).

    And here is the question, if i find a username list of lotro accounts and run a brutal force attack to find the passwords and finally find some passwords is it legal if I just login to every account and change the card on file and credit card?
    Then the accounts will be mine because the card on file and credit card are mine also.

    Sorry for my poor English

    Thank you

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    What you are suggesting is illegal and amounts to the same thing that you are claiming happened to you. How is Turbine to know that the account you just "stole" was really yours to begin with and not someone else's? The only thing you can do is to follow the instructions in the Account Hacked/Stolen - Info to Keep it From Happening, & What to do if it is Stolen. sticky. If possible, call them instead of sending in a ticket. It will be quicker. Only Turbine can decide who the real owner of the account is.
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