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    Sep 2013

    Congrats on rank 15 Captain General Yand, Bringer of Infamy!

    We now have to call you Major General Yand!!!

    Well done on such a huge achievement, it's been a long 5 years. Now here you stand, at the head of your kin, at the head of a freep raid, still without stun immunity.

    You raids have brought so much pleasure to the Ettenmoors, with freeps being united in their questing and creeps overfed in their infamy gains.

    Please do not take a break, the moors needs you. We need you. Brandywine will never be the same without you.

    Unless Anabellwen takes up the mantle.


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    you cannot quit, what will become of the server?
    There may come a time for valor without renown, for those without swords may surely still die upon them.

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    Congratulations! I don't know what I will do with myself if the Ettenmoors didn't lag out all the time.

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    [center][color=black]Will you hold this for me? You'll need both hands...[/color][/center]

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    Gratz yand!

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    Grats yand, hope you dont leave game after that achivement, and enjoy your ugly icon ^^

    /Cheer Litleponey
    Crickhollow - Scratzod r6 Champ - Scratzw r7 Burg - / Healpot r7 Defiler
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    N. Gate, Grams
    Grats Yand
    Ridduk R14 WL

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    Mexico City

    Cool Congratulations Yand on a Hard-Earned Rank 15

    True congrats to a great Kin leader and all around good-guy! We love ya mate!
    joachrandir-lvl60 hunter, joaco-lvl60 burglar, jochad-lvl60 captain, joachim-lvl60 guardian, macrobius-lvl60 lore master

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    Congrats man, even if people disagree with the tactics you use, it is still a great achievement.

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    Gratz Yand for doing what you've done.

    If it wasn't for you, the moors would be just a place where 14 yr olds lie about their junk sizes and trash talk over their dubiously sticky keyboards, Elitists QQ-ing on OOC about a 1v1 fight where a champ was a scrub because he had to use his sudden defense or GV huggers whining about someone ELSE needing to go take an OP.

    I've seen plenty of other people do what you do in the moors, Yand, although none of them are the focus of the trolls. Other people lead large raids in the moors and do the exact same things you do...but no-one seems to QQ about them. The only difference between them and you is you've done it regularly and have given new players a chance to rank up to survive and learn how the moors works without the involvement of hard core 1v1 neckbeards and circle jerkers who have no life other than wishing for a fantasy moors scenario that is better in hindsight than it actually was.. or never was to begin with.

    You've been hilarious at times with your lack of map skills, getting an entire group lost and turned around in DoF when you damn well know the way! You've also demonstrated a strange proclivity for leading us into walls, rocks and other immovable objects when we're on mounts for some strange reason. NPC mobs seem to attract you like a magnet and we all have taken side bets as to if you've ever made it from Point A to Point B without changing your mind 3 times along the way.

    Raid chat is usually full of people who have a great sense of humor and willing to laugh at themselves at any given moment... especially when we die for no good reason other than we were just being dumb. We laugh even harder when we realize that there are people trolling us who think that any of this really matters and the Ettenmoors is anything more than a portion of a game intended to be a place of fun.

    There are an overwhelming number of people on this server who have appreciated what you've done, and what you've done for them. They may not post. They may not be vocal.. but you know they are there. Why else would your raids be constantly full and both Freeps and Creeps notice when you aren't around and asking when you'll be back?

    On the other hand.. there's about 12 people who seem to think you're the anti-christ. Claiming that because of you, the moors sucks. However.. I've seen those at the rez circle or hugging GV while furiously posting in OOC about how you suck more often than I've seen us after taking on 30+ creeps with 24 or less. What's more funny is half of those same people will gold tag along with us while keeping a low profile.. hoping their troll brethren doesn't see them and vanishing like a fart in the wind when we head back to GV where they might be seen with us.

    I, for one, am not scared to say that you've been a great presence in the moors for both Creeps and Freeps. If you take some time off.. I will bet my next paycheck that Creepside will still zerg solo'ers and small groups with no remorse in great numbers.. just like they always have. And people in freep OOC will QQ about Creeps having too many OP's and buffs.. or about how no Fraids are out to keep the Reaver train occupied while they look for the solo r2 BA and no rank warg farming hobbits and other low hanging fruit so they can puff up about how they took them out with their solo r12 or with their small group.

    Again.. Gratz Yand on being one of the very few R15's ever on this server and doing it in the face of those who disagree with a large group having fun together.

    Edit: I forgot the pointless rock... Works every time!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wentink View Post
    Congrats man, even if people disagree with the tactics you use, it is still a great achievement.
    Pretty much this. I respect you as a person though I disliked many of the things you did in the moors, but I guess you did help a lot of people enjoy themselves out here, so there's something to be said for that I suppose. Congrats on rank 15.
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    Melbourne, Australia
    Congrats Yand, you almost make me want to play my freep again.
    Belolth Hisses with fury as venom drips from his maw, scorching the earth, "come manling, my brood hungers!"

    Broodlord of Ungoliant's Hatchlings, Devourer of souls.

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    Congrats Yand me ol' chum.
    Been a long time coming.

    Enjoy the time off mate.


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    Great job Yand ! Congratz man !

    Hope to see you around still

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    Gratz Yand! I just came back to the game, but was always a fun back in the old days pew pewing in your raids!

    "Fighting for your life, is worth fighting dirty for" - Me

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    grats Yand, long time coming.
    Jmez Warbringer The Warlord

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    Congratulations Mr. Yand, despite our diametrically opposed opinions on the game, R15 is an achievement that requires a certain degree of dedication, so kudos.


    Cohorts of the Red Legion
    Vae Victis - Woe to the vanquished.
    Timidi mater non flet.

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    What Ush said. One of only a very few SoA freeps still actively playing, so respect for that.
    hunter rnk10-runekeeper rnk10-warleader rnk10-defiler rnk10-stalker rnk9-minstrel rnk8-reaver blackarrow burglar rnk5

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    Gratz on your achievement and thanks for the manner in which you conduct your raids!

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    Congrats Yand. R15 is a huge achievement.
    Creeps always look forward to you logging in and starting a raid so there's action.
    Btw, Brannir still wants you to adopt him ;D


    Ona -> Confetti - r8 Burglar // Funfetti - r7 Mini (Execution - Gladden)
    Demodex - r8 Warg // Bonana Split - r12 WL(Brandywine)



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