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    Gratz To The First Purple Cappy On Nimrodel

    Gtatz Sic Been Alot of fun getting you there would run with u into a pile of creeps anyday lol

    Don't Do Drugs..... ......Smoke The Herb

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    Mar 2012
    Great cappie; impossible to beat when teamed with Abry. Well deserved rank IMO.

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    Congratulations! Well earned, well deserved rank for a very strong Captain.

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    My hats off to you sir. Solid player and solid dude all around. Proud to call you my kinmate and friend.

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    Jul 2007
    7th Circle of Hell
    Grats Sic!
    Always fun to do a jumpyjump when I see ya out there!
    Great cappy, great guy!
    Anat ~ Damspider, The Black Blade
    Teslafoil ~ Allure, WeGotThis

    "Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war"

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    Thanks alot guys was awesome being able to get here thanks to The Fallen, for helping me so much along the way to Odie for the epic heals we got along the way and for all the freeps I fight with its an honor! For all the creeps that have come and gone its been an addicting and enveloping experience to fight against/with you! Thank you for the kind words and happy hunting all of you!
    and lolz for the cjing butta good fun
    Sicoreth -r12 cappy Scarbarothe suicidal r8 ba
    The Fallen/Bad Kids

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    Congratulations brother!

    It'd been nice fighting alongside all these years. Enjoy!
    Volodic- Rank 14 Minstrel- The first and the last Warlord of Nimrodel
    Volobash- Rank 11 Blackarrow- Arkenstone, Nikitah's Bane
    Volosavenger- Rank 9 Stalker- Landroval, The white warg

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    Congrats Sic!

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    Gratz You make that purple jelly bean look sexy!

    All Shall Fade



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