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    Reinforcement Creep Pots

    So what's the deal with +Armor Value and +Evade pots sharing a Cooldown time on creepside? Any specific reason?

    Also, (utopic) petition to make +Resistance/Evade/Armor Value pots cheaper and/or with a longer duration. (1h would be nice).

    I realise 30min seems plenty, but in the midst of serious action it really isn't, and keeping multiple toons supplied with Reinforcement pots + Morale/Power pots (for healing classes), is relatively hard work, and rolling without all three activated makes me feel naked.

    Overall these changes wouldn't be such a game breaking major deal, imo.
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    I think the shared CD was just done by some guy at Turbine who wanted to annoy people.

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    yeah, I agree, removing the shared cooldown or even just lowering it to 5 seconds would be the work of like, 10 minutes, and then we wouldn't have to wait a minute to get the other up, I want to just click all 3 and continue on my way. Also seeing uneven numbers of pots is frustrating as hell. duration increase might cause balance issues as far as doubling the cost for effectiveness ratio, i'm sure they made it half an hour for a reason to make us pay a certain amount of comms. and that's fine. but it would be a nice workaround to simply allow the durations on pots used, to stack. eg: I have 10 minutes left and am about to hit the other raid. So I hit my pots early and end up with 40 minutes without worrying about wasting 10 minutes. that'd be cool too.
    gotta admit, the doff buffs is a pet peeve of mine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by loki84 View Post
    ...but it would be a nice workaround to simply allow the durations on pots used, to stack...
    That would be immensely neat, as unlikely it is this would ever happen I'd be up for it though. Would free up 3 slots in the bags too...not entirely sure for what, but more room can't hurt, eh?!
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