Been a while since we have had one of these...
Hopefully we can keep the bias/popularity contest out of it as much as possible, and actually, ya know, nominate people who actually play the game and not bring up people who haven't logged in since 2011.

I'll start with...


Captain - Grimphore

RK DPS - 1A) Faebore
1B) Deathawaitsyou

RK Heals - Winkey

Minnie - Erilen-1

Champ - Pausekey

LM - Tarelbeth

Hunter - Kerelas

Warden - Aidak

Guard - Belegarod

Burg - 1A) Gwen
1B) Debuff
1C) Sippy


WL - Chaoticevil

Defiler - Poppies

Spider - 1A) Spiderbyte
1B) Glorgnorb

BA - Incendio

Warg - Noobwhat

Reaver - Kerebear

Lets find out who other people think are tough opponents and skilled allies?