The Alliance of Fair Play

Hello fellow Freeps and Creeps of Gilrain.

A little while ago Turbine decided to make clubbing a bannable offence.

Since there are still occasionaly some freavertrains around in Gilrain, and some people still like to exploit.. (a creep oneshotter killing creeps because of the cappy exploit).
I thought it might be nice to let Freeps and Creeps who like playing in the moors with fair play unite together in this alliance and stop these exploits and clubbing sessions.
Being in this alliance means:
- You are not participating in any clubbing activities or exploits yourself.
- Once you see someone clubbing or exploiting you make a video/screenshot of it.
- You report the activity in this thread.
- You report the activity to turbine to let them make the next step.

The alliance is for both Freeps and Creeps.

Together, we can make the moors a more fun place for both Freeps and Creeps without exploits and clubbers!