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I was unaware immediate skills had inductions to be interrupted.

Also, he double HiPS'd. And even IF he had a bleed or 10 on him.. the 10s of stealth should still apply.
You can see the eye gouge debuff applied before the initial hips and the damage after, this means hips and eye gouge were applied roughly in unison, think of it like when you see a double kb with non-DoT single hit skills, it happens modestly regularly. even immediate effect skills have animations, and so long as what one person does happens during the other persons animation, both can happen (aside from obviously an induction executing during an interrupt.

@Giliodor, if you follow the bleed ticks, he was hit by 6 different skills after the second hips application, and was dead before he should have even popped from stealth (only 3 ticks of bloody maul in this time-frame). The first of these was punctured target, which has no induction and was executed after the hips animation completed, so the BA and WL clearly never lost target through the second hips.