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    First agers, Erebor, and level 95

    When the level cap goes up, will the Erebor raids still be providing seals? Will this be a path to getting level 95 first agers? Or will the new Big Battle stuff be the only way?

    Will level 85 first agers become available for medallions at the skirm camp? Or will they still be for seals since Big Battles don't sound like they grant seals? If so, will you be able to run Erebor (or other instances) at 85 for seals?

    Will there be new level 95 Erebor jewelry/armor or will the gems only be useful at level 85?

    Any answers out there?

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    You won't get any answers to your questions until the NDA is lifted from Beta.

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    Since the Erebor cluster was for the level 85 Rohan expansion, it is very unlikely that it will be used as the end-game for the level 95 expansion, of which it has already been substantially noted that Big Battles will provide the end-game content and rewards.

    Therefore, it is highly unlikely you will be able to get level 95 first age weapons or symbols by running level 85 content and it is even more unlikely that the gems acquired from those raids will be used for level 95 jewellery.

    I find it safe to assume that all of the level 95 jewellery, armour and weapons/symbols will be acquired using the Big Battle system in some way, not the old instance cluster.

    Of course, as always, t'is only educated speculation on my part.
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    That would make sense. I'm just a little confused since seals have always been end-game currency and now it seems medals will be. So whether there will be *some* way to earn seals for those who still want to pick up an 85 first ager or Erebor stuff, or they turn it all into costing medallions and eliminate seals from the game for the time being, is the question.

    As a side note, Turbine, it would be nice to add 65 first age symbols to the skirm camp since you can't get them from OD anymore.

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    First, seals and big battles have not yet been released in HD Beta, so the NDA is not implicated. Based on past patterns, however at level 85, 75, 65, and 60, a long time player knows the answers to these questions with reasonable certainty.

    You will not be able to get seals from level 85 content. You will have to run lev 95 content to get seals. You should be able, however, to run Erebor at lev 95 to get seals, and from other scalable instances, raids and skirmishes.

    The gems are only useful for the level 85 jewelry. There will be new level 95 jewelry, but its not known yet whether these will require a new type of gem. Probably there will be a jewelry set or pieces that are rep gated or content gated.

    Nobody knows yet whether Big Battles will give seals. If it only gives promotions, however, its not likely to be run as much as scalable instances and raids. Therefore, I predict that it will give seals.

    You can also get 1st ages from the Moors if you are high enuf rank. This is why rank farming has recently been banned.

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    If I remember correctly, When RoR Instances (Lvl 85) came out, they converted everyone's Seals to Medallions, and removed the Seals from Isengard Instances (Lvl 75), changed the Isengard barters items to roughly equivalent Medallion prices. Seals became available from the RoR Instances to barter for the Lvl 85 stuff. While I can't say for sure this will happen again, there's probably a pretty good chance they'll do something similar. Or, if the lvl 95 stuff is bartered for something other than seals, they may just leave it all alone...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CopperWielder View Post
    First, seals and big battles have not yet been released in HD Beta, so the NDA is not implicated.
    I'm not sure this is correct.

    Sapience has already stated, concerning this beta event, that the NDA is in effect to the extent that you cannot even tell anyone you're in the beta.

    The first rule of Beta Club.....



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