Come on, ppl... check this out.

A 3-men group creepside with 2 reavers (ranks 2 and 6) and a WL (rank 9).
2 OPs for each side
A group of 2 champs, 1 rk (leoscribe) and 1 minstrel (Laeron)
A group of 2 rks (Iroonman and some other) and a mintrel (dont remember the name, rank 6, I guess)

We wiped the first group while they were fighting Tyrant at Lugz. Nasy was there too, but not grouped... so 3 reavers and 1 WL
We got out from BD, found the second group, wiped them (Nasy wasnt there anymore).

5 min later, they took another OP (so now it's 3 freeps 1 creeps) and merged groups with 2 additions: Uniko and an LM.

So what could be potentially good fights, became a freep zerg of 4 RKs, 2 minstrels, 1 LM, 2 champs against those 3 creeps that now were down 1 OP to 3.......

Really? THAT much of a fail against a small fellowship of creeps?????????

Edit: As I finished writing this, they just took the last creep OP.