Let me first state a fact: The Ettenmoors is an open player vs player zone where any opposing side can attack an incapacitate it's opponent at any time and this is by game design. It is not designed or balanced for single player vs single player.

Now with that said, I have accepted the premise that 1v1's in this game can be legit and even benificial. Vinner enlightened me a long time ago on just how beneficial they can be.

First off, there is no better way to practice and learn how to fight your opposition than to engage in single combat against that opponent, be it Weaver vs Lore Master, Reaver vs Hunter, ect....

Also, there is no better way to learn to mouse turn, strafe or to practice your skill timing.

In general, 1v1ing is a great way to improve your personal experience in the Ettenmoors and another way of challenging oneself.

In my personal opinion, if approached in a sporting fashion, 1v1's are very legit and should have a place in this game.

Now there lies our problem.

Unlike in days of old, most of our so called 1v1er's aren't there for the challenge or to improve their skill. They are there to farm renown/infamy/comms.

However, let me play the Devil's advicate. It is an open pvp zone and there are no rules against using one's Over Powered options or Cooldowns in order to obtain those rewards. In fact, by game design and the designed Overpower issues in this game, it is encouraged.

That brings me back to basic sportsmanship and here are some of the things I question about that huge gray area. In the past, there have been unwritten rules of engagement for different classes.

As Greens and Vinner use to point out, this is largely subjective, depending on the individual player and their rank, equipment, ect.. Greens would point out that you can use any skills you need in order to make a fight close/challenging. On the other hand, not using skills that give you an advantage for the same reason.
Many times have I been 1v1'ing either of these guys and they disengage and not kill me on purpose when beating me easily (now that's true sportsmanship).

If you come out and are beating the same opponent over and over with ease, then your farming. Which is fine, but don't expect to get a free pass at the 1v1's/GTA and expect to be treated as your treating others. On the other hand, if your agreeing to engage someone that is beating you easily over and over, then your letting them farm you.

Everyone knows that Vic and I love to hate one another and trust me, it's all in fun. But I really enjoy 1v1ing his Hunter with my Reaver. He will not use any CC's and even though he still wins most the engagements, they are always close and challenging.

On the other hand, while this isn't an organized 1v1, there is a Hunter who plays solo primarily and will come out with all the store buffs, will use pots, fall immunity, ect.. who get's upset when he is called out and ganked. He seems to think that because he's solo that others should play by his rules in an open pvp arena.
I have no problem with him using all the resources available to him but in turn, he needs to respect that I choose not to invest in those same resources and choose an alternative resource of calling in friends to help.

Again, it's subjective, he thinks I'm unsporting for eventually calling him out and getting him ganked in an open pvp arena instead of coming back solo without all those store bought resouces and feeding him renown over and over..

To sum it up, all is fair in a game of love and war and with the present situation of imbalance, 1v1's are about useless for the vast majority of those who now play.. Only a very limited few come to GTA with truely honorable 1v1 intentions. So expect the worst and hope for the best and don't get upset when other's don't play by your rules, no matter what side of the fence your on..