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I have been playing a Champion almost exclusively for two and a half years, I love the Champion class because of its versatility.

The Champion is not the "Best" tank or the "best" single target DPSer however its the Champions ability to QUICKLY and EFFECTIVELY change roles on the fly to support what ever situation, that makes the Champion the Best.

From my perspective that is the Champions bread and butter.

I fear waiting to change the trait trees and access certain abilities until after the fight will strip the Champion of its usefulness in a group setting, and make it far less enjoyable to play.

I hope my fears are unfounded and that I need not worry myself over the new Expansion.
This is exactly my feeling as well. It is fun to change tactics with the ebb and flow of a battle. Single attack that troll!... oh no, the minstrel is getting mobbed, aoe!... the tank is down, get in there for a minute!

Anyone who says "well we don't want people to be a jack-of-all-trades" is presenting a very weak argument. There are plenty of things I cannot do that other classes can.

I am actually looking forward to some changes to bring a fresh experience to the game, but I strongly feel that switching traits should be allowed in combat, just as stances were. It only adds to make combat more dynamic-- what could possibly be wrong with that? Why make combat more static?