I loved the game when it first came out all the way up to mirkwood, the last 2 updates have not been to good in my opinion. But they are not the reason I'm going. I feel turbine are marginalising the casual player can't be on the game that often for the ever present grind the game is make us do for all the half decent kit. Don't get me wrong I think that good items should be earned, but not by rinse and repeating the same instances and raids over and over again for marks and medallions. Cool me old school but I loved it in the rift when you did the hard work and people got rewarded at the end. I find the prices are far to high and the rewards to little for the huge effort and time you have to put in for everything (after 2 years of saving medallions and marks I get 2 lvl 85 second age items which I upgraded the legacies I wanted to gold and only 6 top end settings and that's it ). But for all you people out there still doing all that hard work have fun if that is at all possible :-).