So I finally got up the nerve to go lurk in the prancing pony and there was nobody there. Obviously this means I should try to find someone OOC to make arrangements with!

My availability is Mon-Wed-Fri from 9:45am to noon EST, and possibly the occasional 8:00pm to 10:00pm. I can't be on all three of those days as I have other things I need to get done, so we will have to make an agreement about which one works best.

I have a couple of characters. The two I am on the most, however, are:
Hawys, a female hobbit whose family owns a pipe weed farm in Staddle
Barangolf, a raft elf from Mirkwood and a merchant. He was in the Last Alliance.

I have no specific plots, so we can either hash out ideas or just see where things go. As a note, I enjoy really mundane scenarios. Action and intrigue are fine, as long as we have mundanity too.

If you're interested then let me know and we can work something out!