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    Raid Question/Focus Fire

    Hey, all! Wanted to get some opinions from more experienced players.

    In raids, I take my hunter out for DPS and I target forward so that then the target assist person changes targets, I instantly (as long as no lag) change to what they are going to call out. However, I frequently also GET focused at the same time. If I have enough heals, I just pop cry of the hunter, move a bit and then continue pew pewing. Now the question is this, what if there aren't enough heals as sometimes there is? Do I continue to try and ignore the focus fire on myself, pop healing pots etc., or do I turn and try to defend myself? During raids, what is the best and most efficient thing to do?

    thanks all!
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    Gear swap!!!! If you're being focused change to more tanky gear.

    If there is one melee class on you hit it with dazing blow on him/her, and move to a safe diatance while gear swapping. If more then one hit cry of the hunter so you can stun them run and gear swap.

    As gear swapping goes, download the plugin 'Buildswapper' which can make it super easy to switch from dps gear to tanky gear. If you don't have any tank gear get some craftes vit gear, and make sure you get something that adds to your incoming healing (will make it easier for healers to heal you)

    Have any question about that kind of stuff, ask me in game.


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    Oh, and if gear swapping doesn't tickle your fancy, use some vit gear before you go out and fight instead of changing mid battle.

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    The thing that kills you in raids is not melee it's range dps. Hunter bubble will let you get away from reavers easy while BA-s will still get you down. Not much you can do either. Only thing you could try is picking your spot start of fight so you have LOS options. Tho you most likely will LOS yourself from your healer aswell. Also recommend staying at max range (40m) from the target you are attacking. So you can move out of range quick when you are focused. I don't recommend getting started with gearswapping at all now. Also trying out a more tanky build in general is a good option when you get targeted a lot.

    Just food for thought. You might find hunter forum way more useful for this kind of discussion tho.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arghh View Post
    Also recommend staying at max range (40m) from the target you.
    I would have to disagree. 40m is just begging to get smashed by someone like Lastcall, or a good warg. Then you're to far out of range to get healed. I would personally recommend shooting from like 25-30m. And even 30m is pushing it.

    The rest of Argio's post is exactly right. Make that post your Bibile. Study it, learn it, LIVE IT!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by b4jet9597 View Post
    I would have to disagree. 40m is just begging to get smashed by someone like Lastcall, or a good warg. Then you're to far out of range to get healed. I would personally recommend shooting from like 25-30m. And even 30m is pushing it.
    Guess 40 is a bit to much. 30 will do it.
    And 40 meters from the craid (was my first thought), will put you about 10-20meters from rks (while minis should heal on the move). Tho you are right Phoenix- you might isolate yourself to much and a become wargdinner. Guess you have to be aware if there are wargs tagging the craid (any wargs in the raid) how many and how fast can they kill you.
    Not easy been a hunter thats for sure
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    I'll agree on it being a big ranged battle, lots of ba's now a days, but melee is still important as wargs in groups can kill something easily with coordination and reavers can just destroy anything if high ranked/store-bought and know how to play.

    Ranged combat rules the moors yes, but a good melee can destroy anything easily.

    Range tactics aren't too good, los them try and not los your healers stay in range of healers, not much else you can do.


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    HIPS fo yo life.

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    Best thing you can do is to just make a warden Seriously though, as arg pointed out i wouldn't rely too much on gear swapping what with the rumors of locking gear in combat floating around. Honestly as a hunter, if you don't have heals and are being focused the best you can do is try to squeeze out some extra dps and hope you kill something because you will die. If you can LOS then go for it, but that strategy is so situational and probably won't save you most of the time.

    Have no fear though, i foresee hunters being the most op class in the moors come HD. I'm calling it now.

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    I wouldn't consider myself a vet since I started moors this year but I would agree with what has already been said. It is amazing how much more you learn about your class by playing in the moors. Keep in mind who the healer is too. Most of the time I know whether or not I will survive a focus fire onslaught. As an rk healer, building attunement for bubbles, distance to target, LoS, having to move, stuns, and being targeted ourselves are some of our problems. PvMP healing is different than pve. My rk is heavily targeted early in fights. As rk healer, I am always harassed by at least one creep (minis probably are too but I dont play one). There is almost always a warg or weaver on me. Shaking off stuns are the biggest issue and surviving the focus fire at the start of the fight (Squishy class always go first). If I survive the initial focus fire, I normally only have to cc one creep while healing. I can out heal most of the harassment while healing the hunters.
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    what argh said +you might compare your build to other hunters, maybe in forums.
    as a light armour class i go with around 900-1k vit and mits up as high as possible. same with crit defence. maybe your build is already very nice, i can't really tell, but its always worth to check what you can improve.

    starting with gear swapping would only work temporarly as it's not allowed anymore with HD.

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    I don't know if this was touched on at all yet, but kite. Kiting, although won't necessarily take way the BA's damage, will make you a much harder target to hit than if you were stationary. Even as a hunter, when you're being focused, your goal at that point is to not die. Not get the kills. When kiting in random and wild directions, you will become an extremely hard target to take down, even as a hunter, and even if you do die, you saved your raid a lot of time and given them the opportunity to blow up their own target or targets . Hope this helps.
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    Personally Earth, I run a lot of vitality, 1.3k and I kite and use low cut often. Cry of the hunter is decent, but a slow is better imo. As was stated, stay within range of your healer (depends on healer, Apache always stays within range of me when I kite) and having an LOS point or something to kite around (tree, rock, etc.). I also use the vitality neck that has crit defense, and my mits are at almost 40% without buffs
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    Yeah as the others already said keep on moving all the time. You can try it out how it is too kite in pve instances or even pull like 7-8landscape mobs and try not to get hitted.
    Also vit, mits and crit defence are important in the moors - but they wont make creeps target someone else they just give your healers more time to keep you up and make their job a lot of easier. If you gonna go out of los keep movin even if you think you're secure this moment you dont know where those fluffy little dogs are
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    All extremely excellent points guys. Yesterday, I began trying different options in different scenarios and then this morning during one of my sleepless bouts, I started analyzing the results of each one. I took the advise already given at some points, tried different positions in others. It was all interesting. However, receiving focus fire is devastating for an unhealed hunter. It cannot be survived. I'm adding the new suggestions to my list and trying them out. AND I'm gonna hug my healers like butter on bread! ;-)

    By the end of the day yesterday I was so frustrated. Let's just say that my reluctance to kill my friends has pretty much waned to nothingness.

    "Show them no mercy. For they shall give you none!"

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    Nothing that hasn't been said before, but my thoughts:
    - If you are being focussed in a group without heals, you are pretty much dead. That is the fate of a hunter. Even if creeps are outnumbered, most of the time they will have plenty to kill you.
    - Even if you are focussed in a group with heals (of course depening on the group make-ups), it will be hard to keep you alive. Most hunters just don't have enough morale, and a few creeps can do enough bubble damage. Of course a bubble or SW can prevent you from getting killed.
    - Most important thing to do is kite. Works good against melee dps, especially when you use cc too (Cry of the hunter, low cut, Rain of Thorns). But, like Argio said, doesn't work that well against BA's. And getting out of LOS, will most of the time also get you out of LOS from your healers.
    - What might be worth trying, if this is possible, to stay stealthed for a bit at the start of the fight. Let creeps focus on someone else first (hopefully someone that can defend himself better), and then start attacking 5-10 seconds into the fight (of course using burning hot and skills like it). This might work in keeping yourself alive a bit longer, but might not benefit to the outcome of the fight for your side. This tactic isn't suited for all fights.
    - Like people said before: getting your morale (especially vitality) up, helps somewhat. It is all about trying to find the balance between morale and agility.

    But, and this might sound a bit negative, as a hunter you will probably always might end up one of the first targets. Simply because most hunters are squishie and don't have a lot of ways of defending themselves. Killing the hunter with (pretty) low morale and (pretty) high dps first, always is a good idea if you are a creep.
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    Something else that hasn't really been touched on here just yet is that even when your not being focused in a fight....someone is.

    The biggest thing I can do on my defiler when i'm trying to heal a group is not to heal more because freep damage is so burst/powerful right now it can't be out healed by one creep in most cases but to stop the damage, by CCing DPS as I go, The damage that it mitigates having the CC on off DPS targets and Healers is a huge boost to the survivablity of your group and to the demise of the enemy group.

    the Hunter has alot of CC you can't easily use while being focused your self because as most have said you'll be moving like traps, thorns, distracting shot and slows (quick shot in strength if not traited for barbed hind). Use all of that powerful CC to one, get rid of the CC pots that the enemy has so that when you do focus them they have a harder time getting away and your helping your group survive longer so you are less likely to be focused.

    If they charge a mini first and you can help defend that mini they won't be focusing you as soon, or they'll swap to you and you have an extra mini there healing you. In all cases if your group works together to keep from dying one you'll be stupidly strong because freeps have so many skills that work together well but also it will just be more fun knowing you saved your buddy because you got off that rain of thorns that saved him from two dev strikes and a warg pounce.

    There is nothing quite as satisfying as that "omg" feeling when you hit a larger group and you know it was because you were skilled as a team and did everything you all could to survive as long as you could and kill as much as you can....even if you do still end up dying before all of the enemy does.

    The moors isn't about staying alive, its about having fun fighting to the death and we all forget that sometimes.

    lovely little wall of text there....anyway TLDR- use CC to mitigate damage EVEN if you aren't the focus target, because your friend doesn't want to die easily ether...thats my two cents ether way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haeborwen View Post
    (depends on healer, Apache always stays within range of me when I kite)
    hehehehehhehehe , you're so fking "lucky" ..



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