Well take a look at:


Now think twice before someone ruin your game. I have nothing against spars there even thought i dislike this way of gaining easy points since we all know majority fight only when are certain 100% that they will win. Or later will QQ about CD's beeing used, for example just look on all the QQ from guardian (F) or some spiders who spar and constant QQ on both sides, i rather prefer zerg-gank them on warg. But would be seriously unfair if those LEGIT fighters got in trouble like people in thread above.

Im mentioning it here, because i have noticed a lot of u do 10-15 spars with same person and somehow (dunno if it's only me) i realized u gained 90% win and that other oponnent is not actualy trying to use skills to defend himseful much, letting one side get 10-1 kills, then hour after he change to other class so are you and now u ''suddenly'' die 10-1. (Before u think futher, how many red ranked reaver,wargs attacks r10+ LM,Cappy,Wardens with 0,1% chance to win, dont tell me they are training. You certanly not train by doing warg rank3 audacity 4 vs 1st ager, top geared, rank12 battle promotioned Minstrel who use store pots,imunity, and u are training on him, hah)

Think it today, might be to late tomorrow. I can't name people so i will not but i will be watching and i hope i wont see this again. Do it legit or dont do it.