I just had a very good laugh while preordering Helm's Deep. In fact, I almost fell off my chair laughing!
The funny text/typo affects the German pages only. If you hit the button JETZT KAUFEN (BUY NOW) while not logged in, this message appears:
"Um den Kauf abzuschließen, müsst ihr Euch mit Eurem Konto einlochen."

ROFL. It should say "einloggen" (login) instead of "einlochen". The latter translates to: "To put so. behind bars" or "to hole" [sports].

I could not find a good match for a ticket category or any other means to report typos or translation errors (for game content yes, via bug report, but not for the homepage).
Did I miss something?

In addition, the "Kontakt" link in the lower left is broken. It redirects to
which seems to be a stale placeholder.

Here a screen shot of the very entertaining typo: