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    Replacing legacy skills on legendary items

    I've recently come back after taking a break with the game and have a question about legendary items. I have a teal bow for my level 85 hunter. I leveled it up and used the item that increases the bow's level by 10 levels so it is now a level 70 bow. I tried to replace a legacy on it by deconstructing other items. But when I try to use a legacy scroll in my inventory it says "you do not have any valid items to use that on". The scroll says maximum target level 75 and is for a raged weapon. My bow is 70. I remember doing this many times to other legendary items in the past without a problem. Something must have changed while I was gone from the game and I'm doing it wrong. Any help would be appreciated. I always found the whole system confusing and it doesn't seem to have improved any in that regard.

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    The bow you have for your hunter is equip lvl 85. You must use legacy scrolls that are equip lvl 85. The legacy scroll you are trying to use is max equip lvl 75. The XP lvl of the bow (or any LI for that matter) is irrelevant. The legacy scrolls you have in your bank or inventory that are for equip lvl 75 or lower are now just vendor trash. Hope this helps.
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    Someone else can probably explain better than I can, but simply put, each LI has a level on it such as 75, 80, 85 which corresponds to the level you have to be to be able to use/equip it. Once equipped, the bow in your case, will level itself with Item XP you earn while questing, etc. That is the level 70 that you see on the bow.

    So to replace a legacy on an 85 bow, you will need a legacy that says maximum target of 85 on it.

    Yes, the system can be confusing - hope I helped a little and if not, someone else can make it clearer for you.

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    Thanks for taking the time to answer. I guess then the scrolls I was trying to use came from legendary weapons less than level 85. The tooltips weren't too clear. Thanks again!

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    Having lots of problems replacing legacies

    I am level 95, just got my first 2nd age 95 weapon (2-h great axe) and wanted to swap one of the legacies. My old weapon was a level 85. I tried to use a level 95 major legacy scroll and it would only let me choose my level 85 weapon, not the 95. I tried it equipped and unequipped. Then I got another level 95 scroll (from deconstructing a level 90+ weapon) and it won't let me choose either 85 or 95 weapon to put it on. What's going on? I have my level 95 ready to reforge at level 40 item experience, but don't want to reforge it until I replace the legacy in case I can increase the tier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeachGolf View Post
    I have my level 95 ready to reforge at level 40 item experience,
    That's why. You can't use the Legacy scroll on an LI that needs to be Reforged. You should have disabled experience when it was lvl 39 until you had the Scroll to replace the Legacy.



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