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    Aug 2008
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    Beta, without us?

    Sadly it seems I'm among one of the many who were OVERLOOKED for beta....so i decided to bring my misery to he forums :3

    oh curse you cruel fate!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *sobs* I've been in every beta since Moria was released but it seems the magical people at Turbine decided to skip me over for this year's beta.......

    what did i do wrong!? D:

    I SUPPOSE that prank I pulled with Gandalf's staff (swapping it with a stuffed snake) probably didn't put me in your good books, but can you really blame me? it was so much fun (watching Gandalf trying to work magic with a stuffed snake *giggles*)

    Also i guess that time i raided the cookie storage locker at Turbine HQ didn't help either.........but i swear i sent you guys Pizza to make up for it!!!!!

    Hmmmmm guess i'll have to restart my program of daily cookie bribes..... >.>

    *leaves a crate of cookies on Sapience's desk*

    [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]Valaraen Says: “Behold the Chinchillas! They ride to war!”[/SIZE][/color]

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    Fear not, there will undoubtedly be more rounds of invites, as there were last time. All is not yet lost.



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